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Repair & Maintenance. Established Texas IT company dedicated to handling any problem your computer may throw at you. Computer maintenance, servers, desktops, laptops, upgrades, virus and spyware removal. Hardware failures covered 24/7. If your PC is running like anything but brand-new you need Dallas PC Repair. National account support with service for Microsoft Windows servers. Network maintenance, scheduled server management, help desk services and monitoring.

Microsoft has a family of Windows Server products for your office and cloud based offerings. We are Microsoft Partners able to help you find the right mix of cloud services and local server resources. Managed services prevent problems! Repeat:  Managed services prevent problems!  Call us today.

We are more than capable of handling issues you have encountered with business servers and workstations on your office network. Please call us to solve problems! 972-418-2000. On call, temporary or permanent placement I.T. staff to fit your company needs. Onsite helpdesk, maintenance, monitoring and support since 1994!  We understand network management from 20+years of honing our skills.

Business Philosophy

Dallas PC Repair builds relationships with people. We provide you in-house solutions for current and future I.T. needs. Continuously seeking ways to better utilize a person’s existing computers that will enhance success.

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The release of Windows Server 2012 R2 was official October 2013 and the new server improves basic features while greatly implementing new capabilities.
Desktop computers aka workstations are the most effective tool in
Laptop & Notebooks
Laptops get beat up in everyday use and will
Server Crash?  Servers are the heart of the business
The Dallas PC Maintenance, Helpdesk and Technical Support
Regularly scheduled on-site helpdesk, network maintenance, monitoring, management, technical
With Dallas PC Repair,
Virus & Spyware Removal
Spyware and Viruses got

Mission Statement

Provide affordable unmatched computer services, support and product development. Dallas PC Repair will provide IT solutions solving our client needs while finding new ways to enhance their computer experience. Dallas PC Repair. a smart choice...

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