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Servers are the heart of the business network. All computers access and share files from the servers with most dedicated to specific needs like accounting or marketing.

We work directly with the top vendors for Servers. Dell PowerEdge, HP, Lenovo all powered by INTEL.  25 years of server management!

Authorized Dell Direct Partners, Lenovo Partners, HP Partners, Microsoft Partners and INTEL Product Dealers giving you a wide range of support choices so your company benefits with the very best solution to meet your server needs. We will clearly show you the best value and then follow through with installation and staff training so you have a reliable computing environment!

We make complex things simple with easy to understand examples.
Take the idea of servers with multicore processors.  What is that??   Think about a car. A single engine car is fine but if you could stuff 2 or 4 engines under the hood then your car would be much more powerful. That is the essense of multi-core processor technology driven servers. More engines under the hood!  This results in a production cost savings.

The opportunity provided by Public and Private Cloud Servers and Windows Server products means your business can consolidate and simplify your network environment while getting the latest software to run your business in and out of the office.

We are fans of secure private cloud servers.  Stand alone and virtual servers are a phone call away.  Office:  972-418-2000